Success Through Customers Satisfaction

Since the company was established in 1985, Equip's team of engineers has had the opportunity to study and execute scores of projects in different types of buildings, ranging from simple apartments and luxury villas to the most intricate office blocks and largest hotels requiring strict installation standards. The experience of the engineers can be safely quantified in tens of thousands of hours of work in the entire mechanical engineering field.

The Engineering Department relies on the following to achieve customer satisfaction.

In order to make sure its clients are getting the quality they are paying for, Equip employs the most reliable and reputable persons and sub contractors. The materials employed always match the specifications required by the design and under no circumstances cost is allowed to take precedence over the quality of the contracted work.

engineering has a strict step by step quality control policy which ensures that the expected output consistently matches the required specifications. This inspection policy covers all of the work related to HVAC installations: from the simple mini-split unit to large chilled water installations.